Introduce to us

Introduce To Us On A Regular Basis And Receive Remuneration

Why recommend a mortgage adviser?

  • If you are in a position to refer to us on a regular basis we can set you up as a recognised introducer receiving a percentage of our fees and all the introduction you make.
  • Using Premier Financial Group for mortgage facilities gives you control of the sale. If there are problems on valuation, property condition, income etc. these are reported back to you at the earliest opportunity.
  • If the client goes direct to a lender or another adviser, the chances are you may not receive any feedback whatsoever and may even lose the instruction to a competitor.
  • Your employer is in the business of making a profit and as such recognises the extra income generated from mortgages.


Why recommend Premier Financial Group?

  • Your company has chosen to outsource your mortgage leads rather than employing a mortgage adviser in house. PFG was chosen as we were considered better positioned to help you and your customers.
  • PFG has been established since 1990 (trading previously as Premier Mortgage Search) and have built a reputation for good honest advice.
  • Our custom-built database allows us to track the progress of a mortgage from enquiry through to the end of the mortgage term. The events documenter allows us to give you (and the applicant) feed back at every stage of the application
  • We have several advisers and a separate team of administrators, all of which are fully trained to cope with most eventualities.

When do I recommend a mortgage?

  • The earlier the better.   Most Estate Agents are switched on to picking up income from mortgage sales. It is best to recommend they seek advice at the earliest possible opportunity such as taking on a new instruction.
  • To substantiate an offer.  It is important to get this right as it can be seen as an irritation rather than an opportunity for assistance. Do not say it’s because we have to as this annoys the client who is keen see if their offer is accepted. Tell them it is to assist the sales process and the vendor is more likely to accept an offer knowing you are in a position to proceed.
  • Whenever you get the opportunity.   Recommend at every opportunity, it’s as simple as that!


How do I pass an enquiry?

The simplest method is by using our online notification system

The system allows you to:

  • inform us of any new enquiry with an accurate record of the referral.
  • select the adviser you wish to assign.
  • track the status of your lead.
  • show your pending commissions from business written.
  • show your commissions paid.
  • show you who in your business is passing leads.

To save the link to your computer, type the following into your web browser:


  • Right click anywhere on your desk top, select ‘new’ then ‘shortcut’. Type the link:

Ask for your username and password


Can I also pass an enquiry by telephone or email?

We have no problems with this. However, this does not create a physical record which may lead to the client not being logged against your name.


Can I make the appointment for the adviser?

We do not object to this but it is best avoided if possible. The simple reason being your nominated advisor may not be able to make the time or it is at a place which is difficult to get to and from for next appointments. If need be, make the appointment at Independent House so that an alternative adviser can take over if necessary.


What feedback can I expect?

Once the lead is added using the online system, all our file notes we make will be visible to you using the online system (unless the client has not given us permission to do so).


What happens if a client needs a call outside of office hours?

All advisers have smart phones and as such pick up emails at all times. Should you refer a lead over the weekend or in the evening, it is recommended to ring the adviser to make sure they are available.

How can I overcome objections?

Below are a list of some of the objections you may get and how you could try to overcome them:


Already seen several advisers and that’s enough! – If a client walks around several Estate Agents in search of a property then this may well be the case. You must state the benefits of using Premier, such as

‘We use an adviser separated from the Estate Agency because we believe impartial advice is very important.

‘If you find a house through us they will assist the sales process and reduce the risk of losing your home’.

‘You can never get enough advice on such an important subject, it will be a few minutes well spent’.


Don’t need a mortgage – ‘are you buying for investment purposes? If so it may be better to take on a small mortgage and use some of the equity saved to look for a second property too’ If it is for residential purposes than a flexible mortgage may help to hold back some money in case of extra work you would like to do or perhaps prefer a safety margin you can call upon’.


Not interested at this stage because I’m not in a position to proceed – ‘You can still get an idea of how much you can borrow and what rates are available to you. An application in principal can last up to 6 months and may help you to have an offer accepted knowing you are in a position to proceed’

Premier Financial Group overcome these same objections, it is the nature of what we do. Don’t be put off by an objection; they are easier to overcome than you think. We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact any Premier member of staff to help you get the most from the relationship.

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