Refer a Friend

Refer a friend & both receive £75*

Should your friend complete with us, we will send you £75 directly to your bank account. Your friend will receive their £75* by way of a reduction on their application fee.

What to do next: Simply complete the enquiry form below and don’t forget to ask your friend’s permission first.

If £75* each wasn’t enough, we’ll also throw in a free online Will for you both should your friend complete with us. Note, that an online Will is ideal for simple Wills with no advice given.

£75 each applies to either a new mortgage or remortgage only. If it is best advice to stay with the current lender instead, we will still pay you £25 if we arrange a simple Product Transfer for them.

*Please note: £75 each for a mortgage or remortgage & £25 per each for a product transfer.


You will receive £75* as soon as your friend completes with us. Your friend receives their £75* by way of a reduction on our fees.

This offer only applies to mortgages and remortgages.

Product Transfers will be £25 each, This is due to the fees we collect from the lender being considerably lower.

Offer lasts for all enquiries received up to 31/12/23

The refer a friend scheme can be removed or changed at any time without notice

    Please tick if you have full consent & you have read the disclaimer below
    I have permission from the person I am referring for you to contact them and wish to claim £75 should they proceed and complete on the service listed above.

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    Refer a Friend to receive £75*

    Want to earn £75…Friend or Family member looking for any of the following?

    • Mortgage
    • Life Insurance 
    • Pension & Investments

    You are able to claim £75 per friend recommended*

    Should your friend complete, we will send you £75 directly to your bank account, or if you prefer, we can pay it directly to your friend!

    *£75 per recommended friend regardless of how many products they complete with us

    To qualify:

    You must complete the request form within 24 hours of your friend making contact with us. Your friend must complete on the transaction with us prior to us sending you £75.

    The definition of a friend extends to family, work colleagues, people you vaguely know and even friends of a friend! Basically, anyone you are able refer to us!

    IN ADDITION, If you refer five friends, we will not charge you our broker fee for your very next transaction saving you up to £479.

    The refer a friend scheme can be removed or changed at any time without notice

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