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Refer a Friend to receive £75

If you’re an existing client of ours, you are able to claim £75 by recommending a friend to us for either a mortgage, pension or investment.

Should your friend complete, we will send you £75 direct to your bank account, or if you prefer, we can pay it direct to your friend!

To qualify:

You must complete the request form within 24 hours of your friend making contact with us. Your friend must complete on the transaction with us. You must leave us a google review anytime prior to us sending you £75.

Not sure how to leave a google review? Click here to find out how

The definition of a friend extends to family, work colleagues, people you vaguely know and even friends of a friend! Basically, anyone you are able refer to us!

IN ADDITION, If you refer five friends, we will not charge you our broker fee for your very next transaction saving you up to £479.

The refer a friend scheme can be removed or changed at any time without notice

    Please tick if you have full consent & you have read the disclaimer below
    I have permission from the person I am referring for you to contact them and wish to claim £75 should they proceed and complete on the service listed above.

    Refer a friend - Premier Financial Group

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