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Why use Premier Financial Group to find the best product to change to?

If you’re after a Mortgage, Investment, Insurance or Estate Planning, where is the best place to go? You could speak directly to a high street name, or search through comparison websites. Do you take a chance on finding a good deal, or do you pay a qualified adviser to research a good deal?

Here are 10 reasons why we think using Premier Financial Group is your best option:

1 We are Independent. This means we can advise you on any UK providers.

2 We are local. Based opposite the Norwich railway station, we are accessible for most clients and if you can’t come in to see us, we may well be able to come out and meet you.

3 We have a telesales arm. If you can’t get to see us and we aren’t able to see you, we can transact with you over the phone.

4 We have 10 registered mortgage advisers. With specialist teams including New Build and Let to Buy.

5 We are a family run business established since 1990. We promote family based ethics.

6 We arrange products that run alongside the mortgage. We offer a full range of Life Insurances, general insurances and even a Will writing department to protect you and your family from unforeseen events.

7 We get paid a similar commission from nearly every lender. This doesn’t come out of your pocket but out of the lenders profit margin as we do some of their work for them. This also allows us to subsidise the fee we charge you.

8 We charge a small fee which is subsidised by the lender (see above). We dismiss the lenders who you don’t fit, saving you time with applications to the wrong lender. We pick a lender most suitable for your needs. We make an application for you and see it through to completion. We make a point of keeping in touch (with your permission) notifying you each time in the future when it is best to review your current rates.

9 We are authorised to give advice on Pensions and Investments. Our pension and investment advisers do not advise on mortgages (apart from shared equity). We believe in concentrating on a certain product range, so the adviser will remain far more knowledgeable in their own field of expertise.

10 We are accountable to the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we are part of a compensation scheme if our advice is incorrect, plus we carry £1,750,000 public liability insurance too.

On our website we provide a mortgage search tool allowing you to do a search, find a lender and even go direct to that lender if that’s what you still prefer. If you do, be aware that finding the cheapest rate in a list doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest overall, taking into account other things such as tie-in penalties, how interest is calculated, what communication will you receive during the process, will they tell you the best time to switch products in the future and of course, whether you even fit their criteria in the first place!

Take a look at our homepage and check out our search tools for Mortgages, Life Insurance, Buildings Insurance, and much more. Alternatively, call us on 01603 750000 and let us do it all for you.

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